Bless Back teams traveling to Nicaragua work with our ministry partner, Los Rayos de Experanza (LRdE), as well as other local organizations. Endless opportunities to serve and evangelize are available. Our trips are customized to match the gifts, talents, skill sets, and passions of the trip participants. Bless Back sends medical teams as well as teams focusing on children’s ministry, women’s ministry, sports and recreation, construction, education, the arts, and self-sustainability projects. Teams travel for one week, 10 days, or two weeks. Bless Back also sends interns (ages 18-25) to Nicaragua to minister for 1-3 months.

Medical Work in Nicaragua

The medical needs in Nicaragua are staggering.  With only one physician for every 2,500 people and one dentist for every 10,000, simply accessing healthcare is a significant challenge. When combined with widespread poverty, adequate healthcare becomes impossible for most. Bless Back Worldwide is able to provide healthcare to many of those who need it so desperately. Through generous donations, Bless Back Worldwide built a permanent medical clinic at  Los Rayos de Esperanza that will serve the southwest region of Nicaragua. This area consists of approximately 23 small villages and towns with a population of approximately 250,000.    

Bless Back Worldwide is also committed to patient education and public health initiatives. Our teams have hosted health & wellness fairs and conferences to give the community an understanding of the causes, symptoms and treatment of common conditions. In addition, we have held special programs geared toward pre-natal, post-natal and infant care. Bless Back Worldwide volunteers look forward to providing excellent medical, dental and vision services to the beautiful people of this impoverished country.  

Non-medical Ministries in Nicaragua

Many opportunities for non-medical volunteers in Nicaragua are available. Our teams have:

  • built houses for families who were living in the poorest conditions imaginable
  • funded and assisted with the provision of clean running water to 50+ homes
  • teamed with an impoverished community to plant greatly needed fruit and shade trees
  • launched an eco-stove initiative that provided rocket stoves for 650+ families (reducing fumes inhaled up to 70%)
  • provided sewing machines and trained the women in a series of sewing classes
  • initiated a mattress & bed program for families in need
  • held Vacation Bible Schools and children’s programs
  • hosted sports and soccer camps
  • held a Spa Night for some of the women living in the dump, pampering them with facials and pedicures
  • held a variety of Evangelistic Festivals to share the Gospel of Hope.

Our message is simple.  We love because He first loved us.

Bless Back Business Academy

In 2015, Bless Back launched a Business Academy in Nicaragua.  The Business Academy was launched with the simple goal to help BUILD strong businesses, working within the existing business infrastructure found in our target countries. Our typical clients own home-based family businesses, are passionate to learn and are quick to adapt to changing business conditions.  The Business Academy currently includes 6 educational workshops that are presented on a rotational basis, a local Business Association, local business coaching, and a new micro-loan program for qualified applicants.  The key is to develop a comprehensive business education program, coaching, and micro-loans that will help locals help themselves to improve their businesses and communities.  To date, the Bless Back Business Academy has:

  • Developed 6 Business workshops that are being presented on a rotational basis
  • Created a client database of close to 200
  • Issued $10,000+ in loans
  • Experienced 100% repayment of these loans

We believe these are worthy investments and, to date, every dollar we have loaned has been paid back in full!


In partnership with Covenant Day School, Matthews, NC, we are embarking on an amazing project called “Green Fish”  to provide a means of sustainable living for impoverished families, under-served orphanages, and entire communities. Our teams have been working with local Nicaraguans to implement a system of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydrophonics (growing plants using water rather than soil). Two pilot implementations should provide fresh fruits and vegetables daily and fish twice a week. Once successfully implemented, we anticipate that the pilot installations and corresponding training will enable locals to implement the concept throughout the area.  

A Snapshot of Nicaragua:

  • Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America.
  • Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. (Haiti is the most impoverished.)
  • More than 90% of the population is underemployed or unemployed.
  • For the employed, the average wage is $2 per day.
  • Less than 30% of the population completes primary school.
  • The distribution of income and the disparity between the rich and poor is one of the most unequal on the globe with 5% of the population owning over 50% of the wealth.
  • 40% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition.  
  • There are an estimated 16,000 children in orphanages, in addition to numerous homeless children.