On January 12, 2010, a catastrophic, 7.0
magnitude earthquake struck Haiti.

As reports of the significant damage began pouring in, a Charlotte-based group of doctors, physician assistants, and concerned friends quickly mobilized. The team of 22 traveled to Les Cayes, Haiti to aid earthquake victims and to provide medical and trauma support to hundreds of people impacted by the devastating earthquake. The experience of working together with the people of Haiti had a profound impact on every person on that original team, changing their lives and perspective forever. From that changed point of view, Bless Back Worldwide was born.

Bless Back Worldwide sends people with their unique God-given passions,
gifts, and resources on “Bless Back” trips to change the world.


The foundation of Bless Back Worldwide is based on this truth: that each person is uniquely created by God and blessed to “Bless Back” in his or her special way. We recognize that all we are and all we have is given to us by our Creator to share with those who are less fortunate. 

We serve the oppressed, impoverished, orphaned, widowed, and suffering throughout the world. Our mission is to share God’s love and strengthen individuals, families, and communities through quality medical care, education, economic development, and improved infrastructure. We promote and strive to develop self-sufficiency in those we serve.

Bless Back Worldwide is truly changing the world. We are saving lives. We are feeding, clothing, and educating men, women, and children. We are loving and empowering individuals, families, and communities. When we “Bless Back”, something unexpected and beautiful happens: we change and the world becomes a little brighter. Because you are blessed, bless back!

Bless Back regularly sends teams to Haiti and Nicaragua to provide medical, non-medical, and spiritual blessings to those in need. While overseas, our teams also work through our local ministry partners to provide medical, dental, and vision services to those with little or no access to healthcare. We teach personal hygiene classes, hold medical education workshops for local (in-country) doctors and nurses, build aquaponic solutions that provide fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables, build homes, improve infrastructure, and provide micro loans to individuals to enable them to sustainably provide for their families. In every project we undertake, our goal is to share God’s love and  make significant improvements in the lives of those we serve. Further, we do it with them, not for them.

Bless Back volunteers bless back in our own back yard! Our teams frequently hold medical and dental clinics for the refugee population located in Charlotte, NC.  The needs are great and our teams are passionate about making a difference. Service opportunities are endless!

Bless Back Worldwide is composed of volunteers from all walks of life. Our volunteers travel with us on “Bless Back” trips overseas, serve locally in the US, and provide infrastructure support for our organization. Bless Back Worldwide is a grass-roots ministry; it is driven by people with a heart to make the world a better place. Bless Back volunteers are exceptional at what they do, ministering in their unique “sweet spot”, defined by their own capabilities and gifts. They live out the Bless Back vision, each and every day. They are changing the world. Please join us.