Bless Back Worldwide aims to have several medical professionals on every trip.  Our Bless Back medical volunteers can focus on several areas of health care including: general practice, pediatrics, orthopedic, dental, vision care, nursing, triage, entering electronic medical records, and other medical specialties can be utilized.

If you are a medical professional or health care provider of any sort interested in any of our Bless Back trips, we truly need your expertise on our trips to serve the very needy!


Bless Back Worldwide desires to make a significant, long term impact in the medical care we provide.
To that end, here are some of our current initiatives that our amazing medical providers are driving.

•    Launch of electronic medical records system to promote continuity of care
•    Training local team of Haitians to conduct hypertension and diabetes screenings for better chronic disease management
•    Mentoring program for local doctors, dentists, and nurses
•    Teaching through on-site medical education seminars
•    Building of freestanding Medical Clinics at remote areas of Nicaragua and Haiti
•    Constructing dedicated Dental Treatment Areas
•    Upgrading existing clinic facilities in Haiti to support surgical, testing and specialty programs
•    Educating the communities in public health topics such as hygiene, safe water and food, home emergency care, etc.
•    Instituting a school dental health program

After my first week in Haiti, the most unexpected thing I found was how rejuvenated I was in my practice of dentistry back home. By giving of myself and my gifts in Haiti, I came back a better dentist for my patients in Charlotte. – Robert Dixon DDS


Our goal is to streamline the process for our Medical Providers to do what they do best .  Bless Back supports our medical providers by:

•    Creating opportunities to use their training and technical skills to bring health care to underserved populations
•    Offering comprehensive travel arrangements
•    Partnering with trusted organizations on the ground
•    Procuring necessary clinic supplies and medications
•    Allowing non-medical family members to join in service through education and community development projects
•    Creating opportunities for camaraderie and collaboration with esteemed colleagues

If you are interested in additional information about serving on a Bless Back trip, please contact us.