school uniforms

Poverty should not be an impediment for children to attend school.  But it often is.   Strict guidelines exist in for what each child needs to attend a school: a uniform, books and school supplies.   Many families cannot afford such necessities and children therefore are excluded.

Bless Back Worldwide is committed to helping our partners in Nicaragua and Haiti provide uniforms and school supplies so the children in their communities can attend school. Here’s a list of items we need.

Complete School Uniforms
Navy shorts, Navy pants, Navy skirts
Khaki shorts, Khaki pants, Khaki skirts
White short sleeve button up shirts for boys or girls (preferred over polos but they can wear polos)
White short sleeve polos for boys or girls
White camisoles (like thin strapped tank tops) for girls
White undershirts for boys
Underwear for girls
Jockey shorts (underwear) for boys
Black shoes

School Supplies
Back Packs
Colored Pencils
Glue Sticks
Student Size Scissors
Ruler – metric

Teacher Pack
Dry erase markers
Adult size scissors
Stapler and staples
Tape Dispenser and Refills
Paper clips

If you are able to donate any of these items or need any additional information, please contact us.