Going on a Bless Back trip is a life altering experience.    It’s a hard, grueling and dirty week.  You’ll be filthy, exhausted and totally spent.     You will see poverty front and center, and you will know her name.   You will be humbled as you try to come to grips with the material blessings you have been given.   Your heart will break – a thousand times.   And in the quiet of your heart,  you will experience God’s love, grace and mercy in a way that you never could in the comforts of your own life.   You will be wrecked.  You will be changed.   And you will change the world!

The lives of those you serve will be changed.  Whether providing a meal, a pair of shoes, a medical treatment, relief for a tooth absys, a house, a prayer, or sharing the gospel.. you’ll be the light and salt in a dark world.  You will be making the world a little brighter.

Bless Back trips are typically 7 days in duration.  We visit the same partners frequently, so we are able to build upon the work that has been done by prior groups. Our medical teams not only provide emergency relief, but also provide continuity of care as we try to visit the same partner 4+ times a year.  Teams average 18-22 people with a mix of both medical and non-medical.  We focus on 4 key areas of service – medical, education (working with children and youth), infrastructure (building or construction projects, etc), and business/economic development.  Teams meet multiple times prior to their date of travel to set goals and plan for the trip.  We review our team plans with our ministry partners to make sure that we are furthering their vision and mission.

Our teams currently travel to Haiti and Nicaragua.

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