I want to go on a trip!  How do I get started?  


Preparations for a Bless Back Worldwide trip start months before the team actually touches down in another country. An average team consists of approximately 20 people and each team’s ministry varies depending upon the skill sets of those on the team and the needs in country.  Each team has a Team Leader(s) who is responsible for coordinating and managing the trip and its volunteers.  Each member of the team is given a specific role and each person’s role is essential in making the trip a success.

Teams will meet several times  prior to trip departure.   These meetings are very important and must be a high priority of all participants.  Team meetings allow members an opportunity to meet one another, plan their team’s ministry, assign various roles to team members, plan and collect necessary supplies, plan team and individual fund-raising activities, review Bless Back policies and procedures, review travel plans, and learn about the country and culture they will be visiting.  Bless Back Worldwide strives to plan everything well in advance, but we’ve also learned to  expect the unexpected.  Team members are urged to come with a spirit of adventure and flexibility!

All Bless back trips cost $2,200 at this time.  Each team member is expected to raise support or self fund the costs of their trip.  Check the trip schedule for dates and costs of trips.



In order to go on a Bless Back trip, you must click the button below to create a trip participant account with your own user name and password. Once you have done this, you will then be directed to a section of our site to complete a number of required forms. These forms are essential to gathering the personal contact information, emergency contact, medical information, travel documentation, liability, and other pertinent information needed for each trip participant. While there are a number of forms, the good news is that on future trips, your profile will be saved on your account and limited updates are required. Thanks for your attention to this important matter, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or your specific trip leader.

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Once you are confirmed on a team, your Trip Leader will contact you with meeting dates.  It’s important that you do everything you can to attend these meetings as valuable information is shared and lots of “roll-up-your-sleeves” planning needs to take place to make the trip a success!


Most of our teams travel Saturday to Saturday.  Days 1 and 7 are travel days.  You’ll navigate airports counting and recounting bags to ensure they make it through each checkpoint.  Once you arrive in country and work through customs (which can be quite an adventure!), your team will be picked up by our ministry partner, usually in a large bus.  Hopefully, the bus ride will be short and you’ll make it to the ministry partner guest house before night time.   You’ll unpack, eat a meal and try to get some rest before sunrise.

On Sundays our teams worship with our ministry host at their local church.  Worship services in other countries and cultures are an incredible experience.  The service is often long with abundant singing, worshipping and a great message (which you may find difficult to understand)!   The afternoon consists of eating lunch and getting ministry supplies prepared for the week ahead.  If there is a clinic on site, the medical team will retreat to the clinic to set up shop for early Monday morning.

Monday – Friday our teams serve. Medical teams  typically hold clinic hours from  8 a.m – 4 p.m..   Our ministry partners want us to complete our ministry activities in time to allow the team’s return to the guest house before dark.   Once back at base, short showers and dinner are followed by a time of devotions and debriefing from the day.  This is a wonderful and often powerful time as team members share their experiences.  The impact of this time together can be significant.  Evenings may also include planning and packing for the next day or hosting a community movie night or other ministry.  We try to build in time through the week to see some of the local artisans’ work.   You’ll have the opportunity to purchase some crafts and help support the local economy.  You’ll finally roll into bed around 11 p.m. exhausted, but too excited to sleep.

The last day of your trip, you won’t want to leave.  You’ll be wondering how the week flew by so fast.  You’ll repeat the process that you went through the prior Saturday – counting bags, counting noses.   When you finally hit the runway at home, you will have likely  developed life long friendships and shared experiences that will forever change you.     Chances are….  within the next few days after arriving home,  you’ll be logging onto this web-site and signing up for another trip!

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