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TOGETHER we implement solutions that are self-sustaining and formidable


Haiti, a beautiful island once known as the “Pearl of the Antilles”, has a remarkable past, making history as the site of the only successful slave revolution. Yet, years of economic instability, governmental failures and natural disasters have plagued its growth, and Haiti currently ranks as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Bless Back is seeking to open pathways for progress towards a strong Haiti. We partner with Mission of Hope International, a comprehensive ministry serving in the Grand Goave area of southern Haiti. Bless Back teams support a variety of initiatives being carried out on a daily basis including the MOHI K-12 schools and the full-time medical clinic. We strive to bring new knowledge and expertise through health fairs and trade school programs to build up leaders from within the community. In addition, we join the home-building and relief efforts targeted at families who have undergone major crises due to natural disasters and lack of government infrastructure. At Bless Back, we see great potential for change in the lives of our Haitian friends and our goal is to strengthen them through our long-term, focused efforts.

Our Accomplishments

  • Established a full-time medical clinic, employing Haitian staff

  • Seen over 14,000 patients seen in clinic since record keeping began in 2014

  • Supply medications year-round for pharmacy

  • Upgraded clinic facilities and instituted electronic medical records system

  • Mentored and trained Haitian medical providers

  • Created fully-stocked, dedicated dental room

  • Hosted annual Men’s and Women’s Health Fairs

  • Aided in reconstruction of K-12 school at Thozin

  • Conducted teacher development workshops

  • Held children’s education enrichment camps each trip

  • Completed first set of cosmetology trade school lessons

  • Taught carpentry – take home – workshops

  • Built 11 houses for families whose homes were destroyed in natural disasters

  • Invested over $10,000 in relief aid for Hurricane Matthew Victims

Physician for every 3,000 people
Dentist for every 31,000 people
Poorest Country in Western Hemisphere
Malnourished Children Under 5 Years Old
Unschooled Children
Human Development Index Ranking


Nicaragua is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches. Vast Lake Managua and the iconic stratovolcano Momotombo sit north of the capital Managua. To its south is Granada, noted for its Spanish colonial architecture and a series of navigable islets rich in tropical bird life. In the midst of this natural beauty, Nicaraguans struggle with staggering unemployment, governmental failures and poor health & education. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Bless Back Worldwide teams traveling to Nicaragua work with our ministry partner, Los Rayos de Esperanza (LRdE). The LRdE compound, about 10 miles south of Granada, includes a school, clinic, business academy and a building that houses a “Mommy & me” program to educate and mentor young mothers. BBW volunteers serve in each of these areas. In addition, our teams work with local barrios to address real life needs – like providing access to clean water, building safe homes, implementing ‘rocket stove’ programs to reduce inhalation of smoke from cooking over open fires. Our trips are designed to match the needs of the community to the gifts, talents, skills, and passions of each team. Bless Back sends teams focusing on medical care, and business development, as well as project based teams who engage in children’s ministry, women’s ministry, evangelism, sports and recreation outreach, construction, and educational workshops and fairs.

Our Accomplishments

  • Established an on-site medical clinic/community building

  • Provide on-going medical care for more than 7,000 patients

  • Mentor and train community health advocates as first responders in their communities

  • Partner with a local nursing school for continued education and shadowing opportunities.

  • Host annual health & wellness fairs and public health education programs

  • Implemented a business academy program with over 150 small business owners currently enrolled.

  • Established a micro loan program for qualified business academy graduates

  • Hired a Nicaraguan business coach to provide on-going coaching to business owners

  • Partnered with local communities to provide access to water, outdoor kitchens and plantings of fruit and shade bearing vegetation.

  • Built numerous safe homes, a church and a preschool.

  • Lead an annual Love week program – serving the communities with Vacation Bible School, Spa days, sports camps, men, women and family conferences

  • Enhanced property with guest houses, water tower, outdoor kitchen, playground…

  • Launched an eco-stove initiative that provided rocket stoves for 650+ families (reducing fumes inhaled up to 70%).

  • Held a variety of Evangelistic Festivals to share the Gospel of Hope

Physician for every 2,500 people
Dentist for every 10,000 people
Poorest Country in Western Hemisphere
of the richest Nicaraguans possess 50% of the country’s total wealth
Malnourished Children Under 5 Years Old
Fail to Complete Primary School
Human Development Index Ranking


While Bless Back reaches far to bring aid and support to communities in developing countries, we also recognize that there are many families in our own back yards who are in need.  Our partners at Project 658 serve the refugee community at their facility on Central Avenue in Charlotte, NC.  Here, families find assistance through education, healthcare, spiritual care, job training and other initiatives so that they are empowered to build stable, satisfying lives.  Bless Back has mobilized its medical resources to participate in monthly clinics at the Steve Smith Family Wellness Center.  Our doctors, nurses, and other volunteers come together to lovingly care for patients who might otherwise fall through the cracks of the healthcare system.

BBW Providers serving the Charlotte refugee community

Your gifts and skills are needed right here in Charlotte! Bless Back has served the refugee community in Charlotte for several years in conjunction...