In what started on April 18 as protests against proposed social security changes, Nicaragua has since become a country embroiled in a battle for political reforms and human rights. Nicaragua was until recently one of the safest countries in Latin America, but now families are afraid to leave their homes after dark. Barricades set up by protesters block highways, public transportation is scarce and business in some parts of the country has ground to a halt. The death toll stands over 100 and 1000+ have been injured.

Due to ongoing unrest and violence, Bless Back made the difficult decision in mid-May to cancel our two summer teams of over 50 volunteers. The team members were partnering with Los Rayos de Esperanza to provide primary medical care, health education, business development, hope and encouragement to the people in and around Diriomo, Nicaragua.

The escalating unrest and violence has greatly impacted our partner, Los Rayos, who relies on teams to provide much needed support to aid the impoverished people in this area.  Without the help of visiting teams, people will go without primary medical care, health literacy programs, business academy mentoring programs, and educational enrichment for the children at the Los Rayos school.  Many of their staff members often find it difficult to travel to work and are in danger on a daily basis.

We are asking all of the Bless Back family to please pray for a swift resolution to the unrest, for the restoration of human rights, and for the safety of all Los Rayos’ staff and all of the people of Nicaragua.  

If you would like to help in a financial way, Bless Back maintains a medical fund for both Nicaragua and Haiti which allows us to continue primary care by local doctors when we are not in the country.