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Our Focus Areas

Enhancing Healthcare

The World Health Organization emphasizes that 70% of diseases are caused by a lack of common medical knowledge and access to preventative programs. Over 400 million people are without primary care and suffer from avoidable health problems – infectious diseases, malnutrition, complications of childbirth – simply because they have no place to receive the most basic medical attention. The establishment of primary care practices, wellness initiatives and health education are fundamental aspects of Bless Back’s healthcare program. Our providers have served over 20,000 patients in our clinics, offering continuity of care for those with chronic conditions and treating a variety of illnesses from ear infections to malaria.


While sending medical teams regularly is vital, it’s only a small part of our healthcare program goals. Bless Back provides funding for on-site medical staff and clinic operations on a full-time basis. The local staff employed in these clinics are mentored by Bless Back medical providers who communicate regularly on important patient issues to provide support and promote best practices. When possible, we connect our patients to life-saving services such as nutrition programs and surgical/specialty interventions. To extend healthcare into more remote villages and neighborhoods, Bless Back reaches out with stand-alone clinics to meet critical needs and is actively involved in training community health workers to bridge the gap in services. Our teams devote considerable time during each trip to patient education, knowing that increased health literacy empowers people to make better decisions for themselves and their families. Our patients in Haiti and Nicaragua now have a reliable place to turn for meeting their everyday healthcare needs.

People in developing countries are burdened excessively by oral diseases. These are aggravated by poverty, poor living conditions and lack of education related to dental care. Our teams provide extractions, restorations, sealants and fluoride treatments- all of which are carried on full-time by the local dental provider. Together we aim to save teeth by providing preventative care and oral hygiene education to the community.

Empowering Business

At the start of 2020, approximately 760 million people in the world lived on less than $2 a day, a number that is growing in light of COVID 19. For many breadwinners, especially women, gaining business expertise and securing a loan to start an enterprise is next to impossible in developing countries. In Nicaragua, the microbusiness and informal job sector accounts for 45% of the gross domestic product, highlighting the importance of support for these entrepreneurs.

Our Business Academy was founded in 2015 to serve businesses in Nicaragua. The Academy Vision is to improve the micro-economics of small and impoverished communities by teaching Bible-based business principles to small business owners with limited access to business knowledge and to create a self-sustaining program that uses the God-given skills of volunteer businesspeople to empower our local coaches, businesses and initiatives. A unique, self-sustaining BUILD model has been developed by the BlessBack Business Academy to establish this vision:

The BUILD model is deployed by employing local business coaches to provide frequent Coaching & Consulting to business clients, and to establish a community business network by hosting Monthly Business Meetings. Additionally, the coaches oversee the Business Academy’s Microloan program, which distributes small loans (avg.$600) to financially support the development and expansion of the local businesses.

Volunteer: The BlessBack Business Academy provides an opportunity for businesspeople to travel to Nicaragua to serve alongside our local coaches on short-term mission trips. Additionally, volunteers can serve by creating Business Workshop content, virtually mentoring a Business Coach, or adopting a business through funding a microloan.

To get involved with / donate your time or resources to the cause of BlessBack Business Academy, please Contact Us at BlessBack Business Academy.

Please watch the following short videos for more information about the Business Academy.

Enriching Education

Globally over 59 million children are unschooled, leaving them at risk for lifelong struggles with poverty and disease. Even among those enrolled, 250 million leave school lacking basic knowledge and critical thinking skills. Since the educational systems in developing countries are grossly underfunded, schooling is typically not free, and many impoverished parents simply cannot afford to pay tuition and fees while at the same time afford to feed their children. While some children are fortunate to attend school for a few years, most do not matriculate to secondary programs. Schools themselves do not make a passing grade. They fail miserably due to outdated instructional methods, poorly trained teachers and inadequate supplies and resources.


Bless Back Worldwide and our partners desire is to see each child in our communities move into adulthood equipped with knowledge and skills that help them lead productive, safe and fulfilling lives. We approach educational issues from two different angles, by focusing on the student and the teacher. For community children, both schooled and unschooled, we offer extra-curricular activities that target the gaps in their learning. Through our “Kids Camps”, volunteers provide opportunities to engage in problem solving, fine motor activities, critical thinking games, creative expression and the arts. We also work to address the deficiencies found in the educational systems. Many teachers lack formal training in instructional techniques and instead rely on obsolete, rote methods of learning. Our teams go into the classrooms, modeling more effective strategies that develop important higher-level thinking skills. We have launched a professional development program where teachers from K-12 undergo weeklong training seminars to infuse them with new ideas, develop better practices and provide them with a more comprehensive set of teaching resources.


Where We Serve


Haiti, a beautiful island once known as the “Pearl of the Antilles”, has a remarkable past, making history as the site of the only successful slave revolution. Yet years of economic instability, political crises and natural disasters have plagued its growth, leaving Haiti currently ranked as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Haiti Stats

spent per capita annually on healthcare
pass rate on national high school exams
unemployment of the working population
of Haitians are malnourished

Our Haiti Projects

Upgraded medical clinic, seeing over 16,000 patients

Staffing full time medical clinic with a local doctor, nurse and administrator

Implementing electronic medical records system

Providing over $24,000 worth of medication and supplies annually

Supporting full-time dental clinic with equipment and supplies

Developing cosmetology trade school program

Hosting health fairs for community

Training teachers through professional development program

Providing children’s educational enrichment camps

Where We Serve


Nicaragua is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes and volcanoes, iconic architecture and rich tropical species. In the midst of this natural beauty, Nicaraguans struggle with staggering unemployment, governmental failures and poor health & education. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Nicaragua Stats

of the rural population live below poverty line
school-aged children are not in educational system
of the country’s GDP is spent on healthcare
of Nicaraguan children suffer from chronic malnutrition

Our Nicaragua Projects

Built medical clinic for more than 7,000 patients

Developing Business Academy training program curriculum

Offering one-on-one coaching for business owners

Creating local business associations

Offering microloans to entrepreneurs

Creating community health workers program

Teaching at local nursing school

Facilitating specialty care for patients

Offering health and wellness fairs