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Sharing the love of Christ by leaving those we serve better equipped


In developing countries, millions of people suffer from avoidable health problems – infectious diseases, malnutrition, complications of childbirth – simply because they are poor. The World Health Organization emphasizes that 70% of diseases are caused by a lack of common medical knowledge and access to preventative programs. Primary care, wellness initiatives and health education are fundamental aspects of BBW’s healthcare program. BBW providers treat over 20,000 patients in our clinics and partner with local in-country providers to ensure continuity of care for those with chronic conditions. We have implemented life-saving interventions including infant nutrition programs for the severely malnourished and critically needed surgeries.

Sending medical teams regularly is vital, but only a small part of our healthcare goals. BBW provides funding for medical staff and clinic operations on a full-time basis. The local staff employed in these clinics are mentored by BBW medical providers who communicate regularly on important patient issues to provide support and promote best practices. To extend healthcare into more remote villages and neighborhoods, BBW is actively involved in training community health workers to become first responders. Our teams devote considerable time to patient education, knowing that increased health literacy empowers people to make better decisions for themselves and their families.

People in developing countries are burdened excessively by oral diseases. These are aggravated by poverty, poor living conditions and lack of education in oral care. The BBW dental team is making a huge impact. Our teams provide extractions, restorations, sealants and fluoride treatments. We aim to save teeth by providing oral hygiene education, tooth brushes and paste to each patient we see.

“After my week in Haiti, the most unexpected thing I found was how rejuvenated I was in my practice of dentistry back home. By giving of myself and my gifts in Haiti, I came back a better dentists for my patients in Charlotte.”  Robert Dixon, DDS

Touched by a Trip

Our trips often carry a combination of laughter and tears. Here our dear friend, Dr. Carmen Teague, shares a moment from our recent trip to Haiti.

Saving lives through nutrition program

What a difference a year has made for one of our patients! Alex came...

Dr. Emmanuel visit to US

The aim of Bless Back’s work is always sustainability. We’ve taken a huge step towards that goal...

Investing in Economic Development

For entrepreneurs in developing countries, the idea of gaining business knowledge and securing a loan to start a business is not just difficult, it’s next to impossible. This reality disproportionately affects women – and the implications are astonishing. The BBW business academy was started in 2015 with the goal of providing business education, mentoring and small loans to qualified entrepreneurs. The academy curriculum includes a range of topics such as vision/goal setting, business ethics, marketing, sales, accounting, and networking. Participants attend workshops, commit to a business coaching program and join accountability programs for tracking progress. Some of our star businesses include a shoe maker, a pharmacy owner, a taco maker, a pig farmer… all of whom have increased their profits and successfully paid back their loans. The variety of companies is amazing and the ingenuity of these entrepreneurs is inspiring!

The results speak for themselves. Businesses are thriving and communities are being transformed.

Business Academy Process (BUILD)

Balance- Strengthen businesses by teaching the value of balancing family and business

Unite-Establish business associations in each community to unite businesses

Instruct- Teach basic to advanced business workshops to local businesses to afford sustainable, long-term results

Lead- Employ local business coaches to reinforce business principles and provide accountability

Disciple- Disciple business clients through Biblical business principles. Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”

Businesses in Business Academy
distributed in micro loans with unprecedented return rates

Brenda aluminum pots

Brenda Cruz is a creative entrepreneur in Nicaragua who takes recycles aluminum and through...

Jacquelin Acevedo (shoes)

Jacquelin Pena and her family make shoes. After attending the Business Academy...

Enhancing Education

In order to effectively fight poverty around the world, the lack of education for children in developing countries must be addressed. Education gives the next generation the tools to make wise choices and improve their life standing. Unfortunately, the challenge of keeping children in schools is daunting and many parents have difficulty affording the associated costs of the required school uniforms, books and supplies. Even in school, students are faced with inferior learning environments, under qualified and poorly trained teachers, and lack of educational resources.

Improving education is at the core of everything BBW does. Our volunteers use their teaching experience to train the local PreK-12 teachers on classroom techniques and curriculum development to increase critical thinking skills. BBW teams regularly provide after school enrichment camps, giving students diverse experiences that take them beyond rote learning into problem solving and higher-level thinking.

For adult learners, our partners are focused on teaching people a marketable skill through newly developed trade school programs. BBW launched its first track, a cosmetology training program, targeting unemployed high school graduates and opening a door that will hopefully one day enable them to provide for their families.

We are of course passionate about health education and have programs to train health care advocates as first responders in their communities. BBW has partnered with a nursing school and is providing enhanced educational workshops and shadowing opportunities for students. To pass along vital health knowledge needed by everyone, teams create forums for learning while patients are in the clinic, and through our annual health conferences. Hundreds of men and women have benefited from the basic medical information being taught and are enabled to make wise decisions about their health!

Cosmetology School

In March, two fabulous BBW volunteers launched the first classes for the cosmetology trade school...

Make It – Take It

At Bless Back, we are always trying out new ideas, looking for ways to encourage, support...

Transforming Communities

BBW’s goal is to ensure every project and program we implement meets a REAL need in the community. We work to access the problems through the eyes of our partners and other community leaders so the answers are not “American made” fixes, but collaborate efforts. Our philosophy contends that every recipient should have ‘skin-in-the-game’, working in some way to contribute to the overall solution.

The communities where we serve often face monumental problems-problems that are the essential ingredients to human health. A high proportion of those we serve live in inadequate and unsafe housing, lack access to clean water and have no basic sanitation facilities. According to World Health Organization, 36% of the world’s population lacks access to adequate hygiene.

Working with community leaders, BBW volunteers have teamed with villages to build homes, wells, latrines, schools and churches. Our teams have led emergency relief programs providing medical care, food and housing to those left in the wake of natural disasters. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but the dedicated efforts of our partners and volunteers are making a difference! Each new day brings stronger bodies, stronger families and stronger communities.

First Responders in Haiti

How does Bless Back measure success in ministry? In one word, empowerment! Our goal is to...