Memories are made through shared experiences, and there are no sweeter moments than those spent in service.  Many of our Bless Back families have made our trips a new tradition with grandmothers, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters each finding a spot to use their unique gifts and talents.  

The beauty of our work in Haiti and Nicaragua is that we customize our trips to match needs on the ground with the skills and interests of our volunteers.  This allows doctors and other medical personnel to work alongside their family members who are teachers, businessmen, carpenters, and students. The bonds between them are strengthened as they observe each other using their gifts and pour their efforts into a joint mission to bring hope and relief to our friends overseas.  Imagine saying these words about your family:

We loved our life-changing time in Haiti with Bless Back.”- Dave, Amy, Cole and Elise Bertram

“What it meant to have my son Taylor join me in Haiti is something very difficult to put into words. Watching him serve, build relationships, use his God-given talents was amazing.”- Dawn and Taylor Lazarony

“It has been such a joy and privilege serve with three generations of my family.” Carmen, Trilla and Tattie Teague, and Carolyn Icard

“It is an enlightening and life-changing experience.” Paul and Jayla Renaud