At Bless Back, when we dream, we see happy children going to school, business owners serving their communities, and patients leaving our medical clinics with prescriptions to make them feel better.  We have put some of the real life, tangible items that are needed to make these dreams come true on our new Bless Back Worldwide Amazon Wish List.

It is one of the easiest ways to get involved in our important work.  Simply follow the link, purchase an item from our list with varied products and prices, and Amazon will ship it directly to us.  You can double the benefit if you make all of your Amazon purchases through and choose to support Bless Back Worldwide.  Each time you buy, Amazon will send a small portion of the proceeds to us.

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated from our Wish List already.  Amazon does not reveal any sender information to us, so, unfortunately, we can’t thank you each personally, but know that EVERY gift makes a difference!

Follow the link to our Amazon Wish List: