You know that feeling you experience when someone just “gets you”??  When they describe their thoughts and views and you just want to jump on your chair and shout YES because that’s how you feel too??  Well, we did that at BBW recently when we came across an article written in the Economist.

According to the EconomistThe Wall Street Journal and other recent studies, primary care is the crux of what’s missing in underdeveloped countries.  Many organizations focus on specialty medical care, treating infectious diseases and building expensive hospitals and programs, but the general health of the people is expected to decline because chronic conditions are not being addressed.

For years, BBW has been investing in what we saw as a huge gap in the healthcare system in the countries where we serve.  Our goal has been to develop clinics where people can come to receive the everyday care they need.  Yes, people must have places to go for broken bones or cholera, but much more often, they need allergy medicine, help to regulate their blood pressure, and something to prevent their acid reflux. THIS IS WHAT WE DO!

So, if Bless Back was a shoe, we wouldn’t be that strappy, red high heel number you wear out on the town for special occasions.  We wouldn’t be a hiking boot that you’d put on to explore the hills and admire the views.  No, we’re like your favorite pair of good, sensible sneakers.  You can tie us on and trust that we’ll support your feet all day long without falling apart or causing blisters!  Like the writer for the Economist says, “Primary care is not flashy, but it works.”  It takes consistency and commitment, but it’s what makes our hearts beat! Strap on your shoes and join us!

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