By Kaylah Holland, BBW Volunteer

I never thought Haiti would be “my thing”. My teenage cousin found Bless Back through a friend and wanted to serve with them in Haiti. However; she needed a guardian and according to her, I am cooler than her mom. We pulled in my nephew and on July 14, 2017 the three of us landed in Haiti for a trip that would change my life forever.

We went with a medical team and led kids camp activities. I also taught some classes on health safety at the women’s clinic. I was amazed at how efficiently Bless Back ran these trips. Every single detail had been thought of and prepared for.

I fell in love with Haiti instantly. The people are genuinely kind and despite the poverty the county is beautiful. I returned from that first trip stood in the middle of my living room and wept. I knew the Lord was calling me to do more. You see I am a teacher. I am not a medical professional. While I was impressed with their work, that isn’t my passion. My passion is education and I knew in my heart the Lord was asking me to do something with the school at MOHI.

I began a year of prayer and preparation. I currently work at Charlotte Christian School and met with administrators to share my heart for Bless Back and MOHI. They wholeheartedly agreed and supported me throughout the process. We were able to raise funding and through much prayer and research, I began planning.
I tagged along with another Bless Back medical team in January of 2018 so that I could visit the school while classes were in session. I came home invigorated to put together a professional development seminar for the teachers at MOHI. The Lord added six amazing women to my team of educators. We met often and prepared to lead sessions on critical thinking, student engagement, gamification, and creativity.

On June 30, 2018 we left Charlotte for Haiti. Lisa McCloy and Cornel Rigby joined our team as Bless Back personnel making us a team of nine. Each person in our team of nine played a significant role in making the week successful. There were many obstacles throughout this trip but there were many amazing moments as well. Our mantra the entire time was that the Lord would make our path straight.

I’m telling you this background to setup the main point. I am a teacher after all and context is key. This was my third trip to Haiti in one year. The first two were with medical teams and were wonderful. But as I stood in the middle of the choukoun (the outdoor meeting room),  surrounded by teachers leading them through an activity that brought smiles to their faces and hopefully change to their classrooms, I felt immeasurable joy because I was truly operating in the gifting God has given me. Words cannot accurately describe that feeling. I knew in that moment that my life had taken this path for such a time as this.
So, what’s your gift? How can God use you? It might be here in Charlotte but what if it’s in Haiti? Are you a teacher, businessman, entrepreneur, builder, medical professional, chef? I promise that if you open your hands and heart to do the will of the Lord he will fill you with immeasurable joy as you operate in the gifting he has given you.