3rd Annual Chili Cookoff

3rd Annual Bless Back Worldwide Chili Cookoff Sample unlimited chili and cast your vote between 1:00 and 4:00 pm to crown a winner in categories like "Best Overall", "Tongue Burner" and "Most Creative". Enjoy LIVE MUSIC, raffles and family-friendly fun, all benefiting local non-profit Bless Back Worldwide's mission to serve those in need.

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Making the Most with Limited Resources

By Dr. Mike Fruscione | October 22, 2018I just got back from our Haiti medical mission trip and am so grateful to Spaugh Dameron Tenny and Bless Back Worldwide for this amazing opportunity. I cannot rave enough about every aspect of the trip- from the wonderful patients we met, to the care we provided and the culture we experienced.Bless

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The Work Goes On…

The latest update in Haiti and NicaraguaAs many of you know, our summer trips this year were complicated by unrest in Haiti and Nicaragua.  Because Bless Back focuses on empowering local leaders, these interruptions to our trip schedule did not affect the important work that’s happening on the ground at both sites. Bless Back and

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A Call to Prayer

In what started on April 18 as protests against proposed social security changes, Nicaragua has since become a country embroiled in a battle for political reforms and human rights. Nicaragua was until recently one of the safest countries in Latin America, but now families are afraid to leave their homes after dark. Barricades set up

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Families that Go Together Grow Together

Memories are made through shared experiences, and there are no sweeter moments than those spent in service.  Many of our Bless Back families have made our trips a new tradition with grandmothers, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters each finding a spot to use their unique gifts and talents.  The beauty of our work in Haiti

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