What We Do Works!


You know that feeling you experience when someone just “gets you”??  When they describe their thoughts and views and you just want to jump on your chair and shout YES because that’s how you feel too??  Well, we did that at BBW recently when we came across an article written in the Economist.According to the Economist, The Wall

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Our Wishes Are Coming True


At Bless Back, when we dream, we see happy children going to school, business owners serving their communities, and patients leaving our medical clinics with prescriptions to make them feel better.  We have put some of the real life, tangible items that are needed to make these dreams come true on our new Bless Back

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The Icing On The Cake!


The Bless Back Business Academy is hard at work helping small business owners in Nicaragua set and reach their goals! To date, they have worked with over 170 entrepreneurs like Regina Rafaela Carcache, owner of Pastelría Regina. Regina started attending the Business Academy workshops in June 2015. She received an $812 loan in April 2016

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