Many small businesses in Nicaragua operate in isolation, unaware of how other enterprises in the community function. To fill the communication gap, the Bless Back Business Academy created a business association platform for our business clients. All our clients are encouraged to join and participate in monthly association meetings.

A typical monthly meeting consists of supplemental business teaching by guest speakers or our coaches, a bible devotion, and an opportunity for business owners to share their concerns, successes and strategies.

2018 was a difficult year for many Nicaraguan small businesses. A major political crisis severely disrupted commerce and trade throughout the country and, as a result, many small businesses folded. Throughout the crisis, Bless Back business meetings continued monthly as a beacon of hope for our clients. Through this (ongoing) crisis, we recognized the true impact of the monthly business meetings. What was originally founded to fill the communication gap between businesses and further their education, evolved into a platform that also filled emotional and spiritual gaps.

Picture above – June 2019: 33 participants at the “How to Adapt Yourself to the Digital Evolution” meeting

Since inception, our meeting topics have evolved from simple teachings to advanced business topics. The guest speaker at the June meeting was a young software developer who spoke on the topic of “How to Adapt Yourself to the Digital Evolution.” He shared the importance of using the internet to increase sales. He created a website called “Mi Punto Nica” through which local businesses can sell to clients via his web-based platform (similar to Amazon, Nica Style). Many clients were excited to be part of this new project.