One of the most rewarding components of the Bless Back Business Academy is the one on one client consulting conducted by our coaches. The consulting demand has been increasing every year as businesses realize the benefit of conferring with a coach. To meet the demand, we added two coaches to our staff, allowing us to consult with up to 60 clients per month. Our coaches are filling the consulting gap!

Luisa Cano, owner of the restaurant “La Mamita,” has been a Business Academy participant for about 1 year, but only since the increase in coaching staff have we been able to consult with her. Luisa’s Nicaraguan-style restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. The consulting session with Luisa revealed that she wasn’t tracking daily finances and quickly demonstrated that she was incurring losses of 5 to 15% per month.

All three coaches helped Luisa analyze the profit margin of each of her menu items, uncover high monthly expense items, gauge the efficiency of her workers, and evaluate the quality of her food. Luisa implemented the coaches’ recommendations and her business turned around in one month. Her 5 to 15% losses became gains of over 40%. Instead of losing money, she has progressed to saving.

Luisa’s story is a wonderful example of the positive economic impact generated by the Business Academy coaching staff. The coaches’ salaries and Business Academy expenses are fully funded by Bless Back donors. With your help, we hope to expand our Business Academy into neighboring communities in 2020. Please help us fill the funding gap by becoming a Bless Back donor. $600 per month will fund a full-time coach to help transform more businesses like Luisa’s.