Many of you have wondered, “How do I get involved with Bless Back when we can’t travel?” . Well…read below for a great way to put your travel funds to work. This is the story of one our clinic patients who is experiencing a time of great need and uncertainty. Her name is Marie Rose…..

When Pastor Lex was in Haiti in January, he decided to check-in at the clinic before starting his trip back to the U.S. He came across Marie Rose holding an inconsolable baby.  After asking to hold the baby boy, the other patients laughed and told him that if he holds one then he needs to hold them all. Lex quickly realized that Marie Rose had come to the clinic with TRIPLETS!!!

Marie Rose and her oldest daughter had managed to walk down the mountain with the babies to the clinic. Due to lack of pre-natal and neonatal ICU care,  multiple live births extremely rare in Haiti. Dr. Evens, who had never seen triplets, examined each baby. At just 17 days old, the 2 girls and 1 boy weighed in at over 5 lbs each and were surprisingly healthy.  They had thrush and a bit of colic for which they were treated,

Marie Rose shared that her husband had died shortly before the triplets were born. She is now  alone with a total of TWELVE living children to care for and no one to support them financially!  She has birthed 13 children: 4 singles, 3 sets of twins and then the triplets. Wow!!!  Nine school aged children and 3 infants.   

When Pastor Lex returned a few weeks later to check on the family, he learned four things:

  1. They rent one small room as their home.  Yes, thirteen people sleep in an 11’x13′ room!  
  2. The triplets are gaining and growing but have cold symptoms
  3. Most of the children were not enrolled in school because of lack of funding so they have now been invited to enroll at MOHl.
  4. Marie Rose is struggling to keep her family fed.

Pastor Lex believes the Lord led him to check on the clinic and Rose Marie that day in January.  The prayer now is that the Lord will bring people to help support this family  through BBW and MOHI in three ways:

  • To provide food for the entire family on a regular basis
  • To provide funds to pay for the nine children to attend the MOHI school
  • To construct a home for this family of 12 (a 4 room house with a porch and outhouse)

If you would like to assist us in supporting this family, you many donate @ or contact me at for additional information.