Better service to my customers

Fulfilling with God’s word and sharing it with others

Jacquelin Pena and her family make shoes. After attending the Business Academy workshops, creating a business plan and working with our Business coach, Jacquelin was approved for a $585 micro loan. She used the money to purchase raw materials and to expand the product line to include purses. Here are some comments from Jacquelin about her experience with this program.

“It has impacted my business because I have been able to enrich my knowledge about the management of my business; I have acquired needed tools to be able to give a better service to my customers.

I have put in practice everything I have learned in the workshops and this has helped me grow my business. Thanks to the loan I now have a workshop and sell my product at home. Now I have a higher demand of my product, economic growth, advertisement, establish goals, give a better quality of my product, customer service, sales control; all of this has increased my earnings and it has given me the chance to share with the poor.”

How the Business Academy has impacted Jacquelin’s personal life?

It impacts me to see the love that the Business Academy’s team share; it is good to know that they leave things behind in their country in order to come to serve here in Nicaragua and that they are fulfilling with God’s word and sharing it with others.

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