Anticipating a 50% growth in business

I always pray the Lord to bless Ron, his family and the Business Academy.

Brenda Cruz is a creative entrepreneur in Nicaragua who takes recycled aluminum and through a rustic smelting process turns it into heavy gauge pots that she sells at market. Brenda is one of BBW’s Business Academy clients. She has attended all of our workshops and is working with her business coach. Brenda recently received a $1,000 loan to upgrade her equipment and implement some safety measures. She is on target with her repayment schedule and anticipates a 50% growth in her business. Here are a few words from Brenda on how this program has impacted her life.

“I feel thankful with this program because they have taught me about finances, how to manage my business, marketing, accounting, and they encourage me to put in practice everything I have learned in the workshops. I know that my business hasn’t failed because of God’s and also Business Academy’s help.”

“I don’t know how to read and write and the Business Academy has impacted my personal life because they have given material in which I can learn the ABC and the numbers. Now I know more things than before, things that will help my business and my personal life.”

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