Jeremias has a new chance on life!

Jeremias Lopez, the cutest one year old in Nicaragua, was diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal heart defect at birth. It’s estimated that there are only 200 reported cases of his condition world wide. Basically, his heart was positioned outside his chest cavity and into his abdomen. Naomi Heidorn, director of Los Rayos de Esperanza, brought Jeremias to our attention to see if we could find a way to get treatment for this little guy. After months of searching,  we found an amazing hospital willing to take on the case, Health City Cayman. Health City Cayman has a medical team that specializes in pediatric heart surgeries. Have a Heart Cayman, is a charitable organization that helps to underwrite the cost of these surgeries. The two organizations working together, have helped hundreds of children from all over the world receive the care they need.

BBW and LRdE were committed, but consistent with our philosophy, we wanted Marlen, Jeremias’ 18 yo mom to put some ‘skin in the game’. We challenged her to raise a little money to help fund the surgery, thinking she might be able to raise $20-$30. We were blown away when she and her network of friends went door-to-door and raised close to $500. LRdE and BBW raised the rest of the funds and Marlen & Jeremias were off to Cayman for this delicate surgery.  The life threatening surgery lasted six hours. Health City Cayman even flew in a Plastic Surgeon from Mexico to help reconstruct Jeremias’ diaphram and abdominal wall. We were on our knees praying for Jeremias the entire time.  Happy to report, six months post surgery, Jeremias’ is happy, healthy and home in Nicaragua!

The Lord’s hand was in every step of this process. It was amazing to see how the Nicaragua, US and Cayman community came together to give Jeremias a new chance on life.  We know God has a special plan for Marlen and Jeremias’ and we are extremely grateful to our BBW friends for your financial gifts and prayers to make this possible. YOU are a big part of this story!

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