The aim of Bless Back’s work is always sustainability. We’ve taken a huge step towards that goal at our clinic in Haiti with the hire of full-time local staff. We were honored in February to host our Haitian physician, Dr. Emmanuel Piossan, for a week of professional development.  Dr. Emmanuel was raised in the mountains of Nicaragua. After high school, he was one of 5 students from his region to earn a merit scholarship to study medicine in Cuba. While in Charlotte, Dr. Emmanuel visited a variety of medical settings ranging from family practice to urgent care. Our physicians shared the latest treatment options for various conditions, gave him pointers on record keeping, and exposed him to new clinic procedures to enhance his patient care. As always, Dr. Emmanuel exhibited his spirit of kindness and teachability, embracing each learning opportunity! Thank you to Drs. Animita Saha, Carmen Teague, Steve Chow, Shatima Seward, Roy Blank and Alfred Kendrick. These faithful BBW physicians and their staff rolled out the red carpet, offering experiences and creating memories that will be invaluable to Dr. Emmanuel as he continues his work in Haiti.

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