We are so proud to partner with Mission of Hope International schools in Grand Goave and St. Etienne, Haiti. MOHI is providing a solid foundation in education in ways that are not a “given” in Haiti. Among other benefits, their 800+ students have a clean, safe environment, stable teachers, midday meals, access to healthcare and scholarships for tuition. Their track record for passing Haiti National Exams is impeccable. In a country where less than 50% of students are able to matriculate, MOHI students boast a 100% pass rate. This is a testament to the investment MOHI makes in its schools.

Pastor Lexidan Edme, founder of Mission of Hope International, is not satisfied though. He still sees critical gaps in the educational programs offered in Haiti, namely that higher-level critical thinking skills are not taught. Bless Back has taken the charge to assist in enriching the educational experience for students in Haiti. Our teams traveling to Haiti regularly host “Kids’ Camp”, offering after school enrichment activities that focus on problem-solving, art, and fine-motor activities. Volunteers who are educators often work in the classrooms and in the school library, giving children and their teachers new experiences in learning. The latest efforts center around Professional Development seminars hosted by BBW volunteer and now full-time missionary, Kaylah Holland. Kaylah is providing exciting new resources for teachers to use in their classrooms which promote growth in critical thinking. In the long run, we believe that better education will lead to stronger families and communities.