Meet our Business Academy Coaches


The Bless Back Business Academy has developed a self-sustaining teaching model that invests educationally, spiritually, and financially into local business coaches. The coaches, in turn, establish monthly business association meetings in the community, provide daily, individual business owner coaching & training, and deploy our microloan program. Pictured above: Bless Back Business Coaches in Diriomo, Nicaragua.

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Luisa Cano’s Story


One of the most rewarding components of the Bless Back Business Academy is the one on one client consulting conducted by our coaches. The consulting demand has been increasing every year as businesses realize the benefit of conferring with a coach. To meet the demand, we added two coaches to our staff, allowing us to

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Lester Gonzalez’s Story


Lester Gonzalez is baker in the town of Diriomo. He is recognized by our coaches as one of the hardest working members of the Bless Back Business Academy. Lester, like most small business owners in Nicaragua, struggled to increase his business. The biggest obstacle Lester faced was that he had to rent his wood stove.

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Homero Castillo’s Story


Homero Castillo is one of our first Business Academy members and there is a distinct difference between his business and many others. I believe this contrast lies in collaborative effort of Homero and his wife Olga, who work side by side daily. This is not the norm for small community businesses where we most often

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Fill the Business Knowledge Gap


The Bless Back Business Academy was founded in June 2015 to fill a knowledge gap for small businesses in Nicaragua, the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (Reference Link).Small businesses and cottage industries are key economic drivers in small towns throughout Nicaragua, however, the owners have little to no business training and, as a

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Salon Caleb’s Story


Caleb and Johanna Mercardo, owners of Salon Caleb, are a dynamic duo with big dreams for their business. On a typical Saturday, they provide haircuts, manicures and pedicures to over 40 customers.Caleb and Johanna are active participants in our Business Academy. We have coached them closely to help them achieve their dreams. The renovation of

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Business Academy Monthly Member Meetings


Many small businesses in Nicaragua operate in isolation, unaware of how other enterprises in the community function. To fill the communication gap, the Bless Back Business Academy created a business association platform for our business clients. All our clients are encouraged to join and participate in monthly association meetings. A typical monthly meeting consists of

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Bless Back Business Academy Fund


Nine months after the launch of the Bless Back Business Academy, a Business Academy Fund was created to help finance the growth of participating business clients in Nicaragua. Most of the businesses are too small to receive bank loans; their only option is to use private lenders (loan sharks) who provide short term loans with

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